Little Thinkers is an psychological space in where the gravitational centre is the child. We believe in playing and art as a road to expression and channel of learning, acceptance, elaboration and relations. Thats why our workshops, spaces of therapy, and educational and therapeutic materials are developed so children can learn, in different methods, importan skills for their lives in a special, and fun way, but based on the most powerful psychological and pedagogical theories (Piaget, Reggio Approach, Montessori, Lazarus, Vygotsky and Child Life)

We work with children, families, and other professionals the challenges or problems that can arise in each children life,  in order to make it a learning experience that can lead them to growing and strengthening their coping skills.

Little Thinkers is an innovative concept and it is adapted to the new time we are living. Is a project that moves and adjust to different children spaces, where children need to elaborate, understand and learn new skills.

qué es little thinkers
que es little thinkers - la escuela


We are a team of professionals with more than 22 years of experience in accompanying, observation and dedication of children psychological development.

Our essence

Play, art, and learning based on psychological concepts.

Our foundation

A multidisciplinary team of psychologists, designers and educators.

Our goal

Provide children with tools that can enhance their emotional development and creativity, thus contributing to raise the great thinkers of the future.


Loris Nacif - Dirección Juego, Desarrollo y Aprendizaje

Loris Nacif


JPlay, Development and Learning

Loris has a degree in Psychology; she also has a degree of Child Life Specialist (Child Life Council of New York), which consists of using play as a learning tool. She has a Diploma in Thanatology (IMT) a Masters Degree in Psycho-Oncology (UCM) and a Masters Degree in Methodology of Behaviour and Health (UAM).

“I’ve been working with children for 20 years. Basically in hospitals, with children in illness process, in consultations and providing advice to parents. Little Thinkers is a project that I started 3 years ago where I continue my work with children but from the perspective of promoting development and always using play as a tool for the acquisition of skills”.

“In psychology I have learned to understand child development, the way children learn, how emotions and cognitive or sensory development can make more connections and plant a solid foundation for learning. Children can learn all kinds of things, especially in the first years of life, but I am convinced that the emotions, the environment and the relationships they establish, as well as the self-esteem enhances the learning process and otherwise can unfavourably interfere”.

Little Thinkers came from the dream of creating an innovative development centre for children where play and art were the guidelines of working with them. The idea was to have fun workshops with a psychological and / or developmental basis to provide children with skills. All in a space (environment), where design; activities and language are because of and for children.

It is about accompanying children in their growth, or in difficult situations, strengthening them from love, with a well-founded, modern, innovative structure and methodology that respects their essence and values. Raise children with confidence, which are not afraid to take risks, which are free and with the maximum of their capacities. Children who respect their peers and the world around them, thus being able to achieve everything they set their mind to.

“In Little Thinkers we create a“ healing environment ”(healing space) so that children can build, accommodate and manage what happens to them in their everyday life and so that they can learn from everything that happens so as to help them be stronger and happier people”.


Mercedes Hernández


 Play, Development and Learning

Mercedes has a degree in Psychology and has two Masters, one in Educational Psychology (UCM) and another in Trauma and Trauma Recovery. (Harvard) She is the Educational Counsellor for Little Thinkers, participates in Little Creative Therapy and in the creation of new learning materials.

“I have been working with children for more than 15 years and they continue to surprise me. Their resilience seems endless. I came to the children’s world through health. My job has always been to offer support to children who have been or are in a difficult situation, either because of a serious illness or because of some kind of traumatic experience. I help them work through their fears and know their strengths among other things. Drawing, stories, music, and movement are my tools.”

Little Thinkers offers children an optimistic view on life. The possibility of educating with values and offering children the skills that will serve them throughout their lives, with creativity, with the knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses and by respecting their individuality. In Little Thinkers children develop and evolve from their own personal experiences, they are stimulated through their senses. We believe that the key is a union of factors such as listening, respect, tolerance, creativity, cooperation, recognition of achievements and boosting their own personal and individual skills…

“I dream of schools with classrooms but also with classrooms in nature, classrooms where artistic skills are taught (music, drawing, dance…) and classrooms where social and personal values are worked on, with which children can learn from their own experience. I like to think that in Little Thinkers children are little artists, wise Little men and women and that when they grow up with their magic wands they will illuminate the universe. ”

Certificado Mercedes Hernández

Yesmin Nacif

Design and Creativity

With more than 18 years of experience in creative development, covering different areas of art and design, Yesmin has dedicated her life fully to design, the creation of looks and art. She is a photographer (EAF), has a Masters Degree in Photography and she’s a Fashion Stylist (IED), and also a degree in Art Therapy and in Trend Analysis and product development. She is the artist behind the creation of Little Thinker’s characters and has designed Little Thinker’s concept alongside with the visuals that captivate children so much.

My professional beginnings were in fashion and since I started creating I felt that everything has a background, a sense of being able to help people feel good about themselves, for me fashion is a nonverbal language and my focus has always been on a coherence between inside and outside. The way we see each other has an emotional impact. I have dedicated myself to creating universes for each person or collection playing with colours, textures and design and what each person wants to express.

Art and the senses go hand in hand. Children’s innocence allows them to have a magical and beautiful vision of life and conscious design has to do with creating worlds. My challenge with our Little Thinkers is that their inner world matches what they see on the outside world. Stimulate their ability to observe in order to reflect on what they see and ask questions. Art as a learning instrument allows children to learn in a fun way, while encouraging creativity and self-esteem.

“I feel my role in Little Thinkers is to bring laughter, creativity and spontaneity. My connection with children is from joy but also from empathy and sensitivity.”

Sabina Carrau 


Sabina collaborates in the Communications department for Little Thinkers; she is who puts all our dreams, projects and essence into words so that the adults who discover us clearly understand what we do in Little Thinkers and all that we still have left to do.

“I was raised in United States. While studying my career I spent long periods of time teaching English to young children. That is how I fell in love with children and discovered the unbeatable learning capacity they have, especially when they learn while playing and by sharing our enthusiasm and love for what we teach them. I have a vocation to communicate, and I firmly believe that language and communication are vital to connect as human beings. ”

Sabina studied journalism (UTU) and has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications (UDELAR), she specialized in Cinema and in her professional beginnings as a journalist she worked as a journalistic producer in radio and then collaborated in some cinematographic projects. While working in film or advertising shoots, an interest in makeup and cosmetology came up, so she decided to study that too (UTU). In addition to writing short fiction and some autobiographical stories, she occasionally collaborates with VOGUE or Vanity Fair as a writer in the fashion and beauty sections.


The creative artist

Blu is lovely, funny and casual…

He helps children get in touch with their creativity. He is always proposing something new, he’s is a born leader and invites children to be creative and develop their potential.

He also makes it easier for them to express their emotions through art.


The technology genius.

Mash is a witty and very curious young man.

He makes learning an adventure.

He is always looking for new and innovative ways to learn with the help of technology.


Luny is warm, empathetic and has a lot of inner strength.

He helps children get in touch with their emotions and understand that those emotions are natural.

He also teaches them to identify their emotions and live with them.


Lío and Lía are magical and they take their magic wherever they go. They’re naughty, cheerful and very creative.

They teach children to grow and dream, to get in touch with the fantasy and magic of life.

They also help them connect with nature by respecting and caring for it and together they can reach every corner of the world where there are children.


The super hero of values.

This is our hero of values and justice.

He is in charge of helping children see and value within themselves their own super powers in order to strengthen them.

He teaches children the importance of thinking and reasoning, of respecting and valuing themselves and of doing the same for others.