These are individual mini workshops in which we learn with the child to develop new skills at the same time that we discover those skills the child already has using play as therapy. The goal is for children to be able to face different situations in life.


The sessions are individual and the workshops consist of 3 to 7 hour-long sessions focused on a specific topic we choose to work on. We request a 30 minute interview with the parents beforehand in order to talk about the situation we need to work on, later these sessions are held with the child. At the end of the session we program a new appointment with the parents to give them the corresponding feedback and some advice on how to continue this process at home.


  • FINDING MY SUPER POWERS. Self-knowledge and self-esteem.
  • I’M HAVING A NEW BROTHER. We work on emotions and behaviour related to the arrival of a new brother.
  • THE TRANSFORMER OF FEARS. Fear of darkness, fear of being alone or lonely or specific situations of a particular family context or phase.
  • I’M HAVING SURGERY. We help children prepare for any medical procedure and develop both emotional and behavioural skills so as to make this process more bearable.
  • THE TIME TUNNEL. To learn to manage difficult situations.
  • CAPPING THE TREASURE. To learn to manage the loss of a loved one, mourning, divorces, or moving.
  • A SMART HEART. We work on emotional intelligence.
  • LEARNING SELF-CONTROL. Self-control and managing emotions such as anxiety or stress.
  • THE BEST OF FRIENDS. Learning social skills.